Building a Better Tomorrow

We exist as a 100% volunteer program to provide tutoring services at local libraries for students in grades K-12. Below, you can see our principals, followed by the locations we currently volunteer. Our session services are completely free. If you want us to consider your community, please contact by clicking the button below.


Founded by high school students in July, 2016, with the intend to share our academic excellence with their communities, the founders strive to make Total Tutoring the best it can be so that it can reach those who really need it. As founders, they are both responsible for managing the organization, which includes many tasks such as tutoring, development, website and social media management, volunteer recruitment, organizing sessions, raising funds, and student management.

Hersh Thapar


Kshaunish Soni



We imagine a world in which students are allowed to accomplish their absolute academic potential, leading them to change the world.


Sparking Change

By using peer-to-peer and other innovative teaching strategies, we have a mission to tutor students in grades K-12 during their most demanding and crucial part of their lives without any fees.



We focus on understanding the subjects and topics of math and reading skills, not busy work in class. We focus on building a strong foundation early. With a wide range of topics, we are able to assist students of all subject areas.

Learning Environment

At Total Tutoring, we know that a safe and encouraging work environment is very important for a healthy learning experience. To effectively do this, we make sure our students and tutors have a productive work environment to foster maximum benefits from the learning. Building an optimistic environment, we work within local communities to achieve our mission. With this, we can ensure that our students will learn and excel in school and out.

Volunteer Opportunities

At Total Tutoring, we understand that finding opportunities to serve can be a challenging task. We move to fix that by providing our tutors with everything they need to fulfill their teaching needs while allowing them to enjoy their service. Help is always welcome at our program. To sign up to become a tutor, please go to our volunteer signup page.


Here at Total Tutoring, we want the best for our students. To ensure everyone is treated fairly, we have a strict policy.

The leadership is as follows from highest to lowest: President (Founder), Vice President (Co-Founder), Head-Tutor, and Tutor. Other roles will be given at the discretion of the President or Vice President.

If a volunteer, given the role of Head-Tutor, fails to arrive at least twice per month or violates Total Tutoring’s policies and/or procedures, he/she will be demoted to a tutor or dismissed from TT.

Tutors may be promoted to “Head Tutor” status only if they show commitment towards the program given at the discretion of the directors after months of service.

It is the duty of Head Tutors and above to train those below them. For example, a Head Tutor must train a Tutor to teach, while the President is in charge of all volunteers.

All members are volunteers.

All volunteers and students are required to register.

All members will follow instructions from their superior, as outlined in the “Procedures” section. A failure to do so may result in the revocation of leadership title or role of tutor.

Neither inappropriate language nor improper actions are permitted by anyone under any circumstance.

Attendance issues (including failure to arrive on time), without valid reason, may result in loss of leadership title or role of tutor.

If a leadership role requires work to be done outside of tutoring hours, and it is continually not done, their superiors may demote them.

A parent or guardian is not encouraged to stay, but they cannot be forced to leave.

A parent or guardian must pick-up their child in a timely manner inside the classroom.

If a situation arises, an adult and/or a present leader is to be contacted.

Discrimination against students with respect to race, creed, religion, skin color, or national origin is prohibited.

Students are only permitted to attend sessions at location(s) at which they applied.

Currently, donations are accepted but not encouraged nor required.

Total Tutoring reserves the right to deny service to a student if the student acts inappropriately.


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